Shockwave Therapy

Explore these 6 Benefits of Shockwave Therapy Beyond Pain Relief

People usually associate physiotherapy with massages. However, physiotherapy refers to a fairly broad group of treatment methods. Shockwave therapy is an emerging new branch of treatment within this group and is a non-invasive way of treating your pain. 

Shockwave therapy treatment involves the use of sound waves at very low frequencies to stimulate the natural healing capability of your body. It has been scientifically proven to bring a lot of benefits and they aren’t just limited to pain relief. 

Let’s check out the benefits of availing shockwave therapy:

  1. Reduce and manage pain 

This one is pretty obvious. Physiotherapy deals with chronic pain and shockwave therapy in Kelowna is a great alternative method for managing your pain. It’s usually combined with other types of physiotherapy techniques for the most effective results. Moreover, shockwave therapy is unique since it uses soundwaves to interfere with the pain signals sent to your brain. An ultrasound gel is applied to the affected area and as the sound waves are applied to that region, it stimulates local inflammation for relief while signalling your body to increase localised healing. 

  1. Relief from Golfers elbow 

Some sports require extensive use of certain muscles and ligaments. In both golf and tennis, you need to swing your arms to create a powerful force for every shot. That may lead to Golfers or Tennis elbow where the tendons of your forearm muscles attaching to the bony part of the elbow may cause some discomfort in your elbow. This chronic discomfort becomes a hurdle while performing daily activities. 

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Looking for relief from this condition? Seek out shockwave therapy near me and visit the reputable clinic that offers the same. With soundwave, the therapist increases blood flow to your elbows and spikes up cell metabolism in the area. This speeds up the process of breaking down damaged tissue while promoting healthy tissue generation. If you are an athlete, this can help you recover quickly from the condition and get back to the game. 

  1. Quicker recovery from fractures 

Among its many benefits, shockwave therapy is also amazing at dealing with fractures. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) is often recommended for athletes who suffer from stress fractures. Consistent use of force on a particular bone or joint may lead to tiny fractures. 

ESWT enhances the recovery rate of these fractures by enhancing the osteogenic response. Whether you’re a runner with stress fractures on the ankle, or your feet, or a gymnast with stress fractures on your palm, you may benefit from supplementing fracture treatment with ESWT. 

  1. Non-invasive treatment 

With severe injuries, treatment options are quite limited. Sometimes, you don’t have any option other than going through a major surgery. However, most people don’t prefer to be under the scalpel. Moreover, your body has a hard time recovering post-recovery and that’s one of the major reasons to opt for a non-invasive alternative. 

Shockwave therapy is an ideal candidate for treating several conditions and avoiding minor surgeries. However, make sure to visit a health clinic in Kelowna and consult with your doctor and physiotherapist before going through with it. While shockwave therapy has wide applications in treating several conditions and may help you avoid surgery in many cases, it’s best to choose the option that’s best suited for you. 

  1. Side effects are minimal

Surgeries and other invasive options aren’t fool proof. They have their own flaws, side-effects being a glaring one. Apart from the general discomfort of nausea, vomiting, sore throat, and restlessness, you may also face major complications post-surgery. The list includes:

  • Hemorrhage
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Urinary Retention
  • Lung Complications
  • Shock, and more.

Contrary to that, shockwave therapy has little to no side effects. You may experience temporary redness or soreness at the treated region. However, that’s temporary and lasts for a day at most. When you opt for shockwave therapy, you aren’t exposed to anaesthesia either. When you avoid anaesthesia and other medications related to surgery, you have a reduced likelihood of risk. 

  1. Better mobility

Shockwave therapy is great at stimulating the joints and the cartilage. It improves:

  • Collagen production
  • Enhances the range of rotation of your joints

All that contributes to better joint and muscle health, increasing mobility and stretchability. This in turn helps to improve your overall health and athletic performance.  

From managing chronic pain to accelerating fracture recovery, its impact on joint mobility and tissue healing is substantial. When seeking relief from sports-related injuries or chronic discomfort, rely on shockwave therapy. It has the  ability to stimulate natural healing processes in the body makes it a promising avenue for improved health. You get to unlock mobility, enhanced athletic performance, and overall wellness through this holistic treatment method.

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