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Screen Time: A Guide to Balancing Screen Time for Children

Screen Time: In today’s digital age, children and teenagers find themselves immersed in screens, from smartphones and tablets to gaming consoles, TVs, and computers. On average, kids aged 8-12 spend 4-6 hours daily on screens in the United States, while teens extend that to a whopping 9 hours. While screens offer entertainment, education, and engagement, […]

Healthy Digital Balance for kids
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Screen Time and Technology Tips for Parents: Ensuring a Healthy Digital Balance for Kids

Striking a Healthy Digital Balance for Kids: advice from experts on how to control screen usage, promote digital literacy, and promote overall development. Discover ways to empower your kids in the digital world while also looking out for their wellbeing. Find out how to have a healthy, meaningful life as a techie. Technology has permeated […]