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Kids Educational Games Plugo Letters

Introduction Kids Educational Games

Kids Educational Games: Discover the world of interactive and educational fun with Plugo Letters, an Augmented Reality (AR)-powered word building game kit designed for kids aged 4 to 10. This innovative STEM toy seamlessly combines the benefits of hands-on learning with the engagement of screen-time, offering a holistic approach to linguistic development.

Unveiling the Experience (Kids Educational Games)

With 48 alphabet tiles, Plugo Letters encourages kids to spell, grow their vocabulary, and enhance grammar skills through a series of 9 captivating learning games. The immersive experience is best understood by watching the video demonstration, showcasing the game in action.

STEM & Beyond

Plugo Letters goes beyond traditional learning by engaging in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) principles. It becomes a catalyst for linguistic, reading, comprehension, cognitive, and motor skill development. The game’s progression includes introductory spelling games based on phonics for younger kids, evolving into word usage in sentences, grammar, and advanced language concepts for kids aged 6 and above.

Age-Appropriate Learning

Tailored for kids aged 4 to 10, Plugo Letters adapts its 9 interactive games and 250+ levels to the child’s grade level, ensuring a progressive educational journey. The app, with no in-app purchases, provides a safe and enjoyable environment for young learners.

Device Compatibility

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Plugo Letters is designed to work seamlessly with various devices, including iOS (iPhone 6 & above, iPad 5th Gen & above, excluding certain models), Android (OS 8 & above, 2GB RAM & above), and Amazon Fire tablets (7 – 2022, 8 – 2018 & 2020, 8+ – 2020). Refer to the official PlayShifu website’s compatibility dashboard for the complete list of supported devices.

In the Box

The Plugo Letters kit includes a Letters Trunk and 48 letter tiles. Unlike magnetic alphabets or direct screen tapping, the kit introduces a gamepad – a foldable mat with embedded magnets. This mat holds the Plugo kit on one side, while the device securely fits into a slot on the other. This unique design promotes hands-on learning without the need for direct screen interaction.


Plugo Letters redefines kids’ educational games by offering a dynamic blend of tangible and digital learning experiences. Nurture your child’s linguistic abilities, foster a love for learning, and watch them embark on a captivating educational journey with Plugo Letters.

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